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Reversing Disease?

Postby Djsyclone » December 21st, 2012, 1:06 pm

Hey guys. My name is Syd and I have been following Tim Ferriss from his early career. However I am ashamed to admit that I havent actually put much of his work (be it the 4HWW or 4HB) into practice - till now.

I was recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer, and its been a giant paradigm shift in my thinking to say the very least. I'll keep it short - Im a definite SADer and Im looking to change that but more importantly, im also looking to reverse or at the very least slow down the tumour's growth. One of the silver linings is that it was caught extremely early (less than a cm in diameter) so the probability of reversal is higher i would think/hope.

My question to the 4HB world - has this new lifestyle helped remove/slow down diseases as well as reverse injury?

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Re: Reversing Disease?

Postby justhamade » December 29th, 2012, 6:45 am

You need to take a more serious look at nutrition. I would start with the book 'It Starts With Food'

I would also read up on Chris Kresser's blog about Thyroid disorders here

Some additional good stuff on cancer ... -to-cancer ... 84,00.html ... 7/1/7#B276 (And a number of studies that are cited in it)
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