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75 days of SCD - after and before

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75 days of SCD - after and before

Postby koolsome » April 18th, 2012, 3:52 pm

My After and Before (Left = After, Right = Before) photos



The pictures are not showing up in full, so here are the links:

I started on the 1-Feb 2012, and its around 75 days.

Method: Slow carb diet

Followed mostly to the word, except for 1 week in mid march, and 1 week in 1st week of April



23% Body Fat (on Omron scale)


81 kg

20% body fat (on Omron scale)

Some other observations:

1)Omron body fat scaled is quite erroneous to my opinion. Over a day it fluctuates by 3%.

2) I had one whole "cheat week" during 1st week of APril. Just before that, body fat was 16%, just after that body fat is 23% (and it has come down to around 20% currently). Does this sound allright?

In terms of shirt size: I was 16.5 inch neck before, now 16 inch neck.

I think I have a lost a little bit of muscle as well, I did not do ANY exercise over the last 60 days (on hindsight this was not good). Got a kettle-bell and would start doing swings right away

Comments and advice appreciated. Thanks
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Re: 75 days of SCD - after and before

Postby justhamade » April 19th, 2012, 2:48 am

Some body weight resistance training would help a lot with insulin sensitivity and other hormonal help.
Push ups, squats, Pull ups, and kettlebell swings.
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