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Nightshades, joint pain and vitamin D

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Nightshades, joint pain and vitamin D

Postby Maarten » October 28th, 2012, 4:50 am

Hi. Currently I'm testing the avoidance of nightshades as a way to reduce joint pain (for example in my legs). After only a few weeks of eliminating this food from my diet, I almost don´t have any pain anymore. Also my body seems strangely more flexible, and I'm walking more straight.
Avoiding nightshades is considered in alternative circles to be a pain management treatment for people with RA. (I don't have RA, as far as I know, I'm a healthy 23 year old male)
The Slow-Carb Diet allows a lot of nightshades, including tomatoes, peppers and salsa. I was wondering if any of you have exerpimented with leaving out nightshades to reduce pains and reverse injuries, which I both experienced in the last few weeks, and what your findings were.
Also, when taking high doses of vitamin D3 (as advocated by Mr. Ferriss in his book), my pain worsened, and for a few days, I wasn't able to walk for more then a few minutes. Me and the doctors I consulted contributed this to overtraining and didn't connect the dots. But now I did, and according to this quite dubious article ( it could be an effect comparable to nightshades (although it mentions D2 and not D3 as having this effect). I think there is a puzzle here, but I don't know how the pieces fit. So experienced experimenters and hc professionals, your suggestions are very welcome to how all this may fit.
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