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My testosterone protocol

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My testosterone protocol

Postby Magnatolia » February 12th, 2016, 5:27 pm

Hey all,

We don't have fermented cod liver oil or a special vitamin-rich butter fat. However after doing some research I'm led to believe the butter is just grass-fed butter so we have that here. And I'm going to opt for regular cod liver oil approximately 2000mg per day.

I also got confused and started eating 4 eggs every night for the cholesterol. I'm not having sex at the moment so will only take 4 eggs when I know I'm going out to be social the next night. Or should I literally eat 4 eggs 2 hours before going out?


Cod oil 2000mg + tablespoon grass-fed butter + 3 brazil nuts morning and night + Vit D3 3000mg day and night

Will also probably take some Tribulus as I get a very quick response to sex drive when doing that.

I'm wanting an increased sex drive and sex energy. No problem with erections or not lasting or anything. Just very, very minmimal libido. Also wanting some form of the pheromone cloud he discussed.

Any thoughts? Should I be adding in something? Going to hopefully get a blood test done next week with as many things as possible.

I have been taking Zinc + Selenium, and a Male mojo product. I sometimes notice an increase in desire and noticing women more. When I occasionally look at porn I get super turned on, much more than normal.
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