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I Want To Combine Diet And Exercise. Where Do I Start?

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I Want To Combine Diet And Exercise. Where Do I Start?

Postby CoreAndreson » February 3rd, 2016, 1:20 am

I'm doing a diet and I like that they recommend me any routine or exercises to do a part of the "diet". Honestly it is to eat healthy, healthier of what soil eating (fast food...).

I never do sport and nor do I like, something that is easy and nor do I like gyms ...

It seems great to see you're going to make a healthy diet, since fast food as usual is not a good option.
Since you mention that you don't exercise normally and you either like it, I would recommend you that you did something simpler, for example walking every day you can start walking and be gradually increasing the pace.

Perhaps motivates you most go out to take a ride on the bike and also gradually increase the pace.
Enjoy everyday life, as for example, using the stairs where possible instead of lift... You can even make steps on the first step going up and down... If you've never done sports do not look very high goals because you could do yourself an injury, little by little... And something that could motivate you is exercising as a couple, for example with a friend a tennis match, or leave together on bike... If you aficionas again write to us to be able to recommend tables or more complex exercises
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