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Zero effort SCD - the chili diet

Questions and recipes related to The Slow Carb Diet and the supplements discussed in the book (PAGG)

Re: Zero effort SCD - the chili diet

Postby Rock Star Chef » January 25th, 2011, 10:03 pm

GREAT comments from everyone as well as some tasty recipes!

As a professional chef, I have to concur with all of the comments about canned products having TONS of sodium and other "baddies" in the mix that you may not even be aware of.
Being in the food business for as long as I have, I must tell you that there is a reason that that can of chili "only" costs $1.50.

Most, but not all ingredients in a commodity product like chili are going to be the lowest of the low in terms of quality. We're talking prisoner food quality here. suggestions are two-fold

#1 Try out some of the recipes listed here

#2 Go to my youtube channel where I have created 4HB-SCD specific recipes for some inspiration! I am adding more and more all of the time and I have been getting some great feedback and requests from the community here.
Rock Star Chef
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Re: Zero effort SCD - the chili diet

Postby ssandra » January 25th, 2011, 10:14 pm

Hi Rockstar Chef,

just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your video's. You have a very natural way of talking and making it easy to follow your video's.

Just a few tips though (take them or leave them ;))

maybe you can put the type of recipe somewhere? Right now you have watch the video to see what you are going to make.

Also, maybe in the comments or somewhere (a link to your website?) where you have a list of ingredients would be great!

Please keep up with the great ways of showing easy and great recipes.

Oh, and if you could tell some ignorant people (like me ;)) how to cook beans and lentils that would be absolutely great!! :)
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