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Athletic Greens

Questions and recipes related to The Slow Carb Diet and the supplements discussed in the book (PAGG)

Re: Athletic Greens

Postby Lawbat » March 3rd, 2011, 11:30 am

Sure. But I don't normally expect spam to follow me for checking out a product.

Although... it felt very "four hour work week" to me.
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Re: Athletic Greens

Postby TravisB » March 3rd, 2011, 7:00 pm

Yeah, the marketing of Athletic Greens is tacky. I bought some about a month ago and really think it's a good product, but when I went back to the site this week intending to order again, I abandoned the idea.

I'm just suspicious that the price is ridiculously high. Maybe there's $5 worth of product in the can, and they mark it up to $90 or whatever it is they sell it for. I don't know if that's the case, but the site has the hallmarks of a company that sees its customers as suckers: You can't find out what the price is without giving them your information first. The per-unit price for signing up for a "subscription" to the product is much less than the price to just buy one unit (because they want to trap you into a hard-to-cancel recurring deal? wouldn't surprise me).

Even though I do like the product, I've decided to check out other options so as not to contribute to a company with such obnoxious and manipulative marketing.

(I did find that the autoresponder email sequence that goes out to customers contained valuable information as opposed to mere marketing. I didn't feel the need to unsubscribe from it.)
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Re: Athletic Greens

Postby tunafoot » March 8th, 2011, 10:22 pm

Tried my first glass of athletic greens today. Not too bad tasting. Crazy expensive though ($3.00 for a single tbsp serving.) I did get a email from them that said it has every single vitamin that you need except for fish oil and vitamin D3. If that really is true then it should be worth it.
Here's an excerpt from one of the many the emails.

One serving of athletic greens a day REMOVES the NEED
for ANY of the following types of supplements

ANY single vitamin product
Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, K
Stress complexes (B vitamins)
Any mineral product
Calcium or Magnesium products
Zinc products
Antioxidant products
“Longevity” formulas
Anti-aging formulas
Skin, Bone and Hair formulas
Pro biotic formulas
Pre biotic formulas
Digestive enzymes
Digestive “cleanses”
Liver “cleanses”
Co-factor formulas or products
Power berry formulas
Power mushroom formulas
Adaptagenic herb formulas or tonics
Daily Immunity boosters
Alkaline formulas or products
Greens products (any of them!)
Vegetable formulas
Superfood products (ANY of them, whether single products or bundles)

…. And pretty much anything else unless you have a specific
ailment and a nutritional professional has advised you to consume
that product.

We said Ultimate All in One, and we meant it

We said The Ultimate Nutritional Insurance, and we meant that too

We also said we would save you time, and MONEY, and we absolutely meant that.

EVERY ingredient in Athletic Greens has been carefully selected for
- Quality (each is best in class)
- Optimum amount for daily health and performance
- Optimum source (whole food sourced only) and type for absorption

To buy all the ingredients in Athletic Greens and put them together yourself
would cost you $1000 a month, easy (we priced it out at GNC). And that is
assuming you could get the same quality ingredients, which I doubt.
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Re: Athletic Greens

Postby Lawbat » March 9th, 2011, 3:30 pm

Anyone find a supplement that they're using instead of AG?
Checked out the AG guy's blog....

Although the whole supplement market really is completely unregulated, isn't it. Very hard to access legitimacy.
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Re: Athletic Greens

Postby dankster » March 9th, 2011, 5:26 pm

is it advised to athletic greens once a day? i thought it was only to be used on cheat days...?
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Re: Athletic Greens

Postby tunafoot » March 9th, 2011, 6:10 pm

Athletic Green are for everyday use.

On cheat days your supposed to take 2,400 mg cissus quadrangularis 3 times per day 30 min prior to meals, 7200mg total.
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Re: Athletic Greens

Postby Lawbat » March 9th, 2011, 6:13 pm

Hey mate,

I hope this finds you better than ever.

I started to write this focus on sleep email last week (I even got the facebook post related up), then ended up coming down with the worst fever I have had in a long time, and promptly wrote the whole week off (thank you, Carribbean mosquitos).

When it comes to FAT LOSS, there are three things that I rate as super important yet the frequent lack of drives me nuts....

1. Sleep, insufficient quantity and quality
2. People drinking (largely dairy based) liquid meals post workout (or any other time)
3. Insufficient consumption of calories (yes I said insufficient!)

This email covers the sleep part.

If you are stuck on a plateu with ANY body composition goal, then sleep, stress, and cortisol (they are all related) are likely to be your biggest impediments to success. Remove those impediments, and voila!

Biggest issues of getting insufficient sleep...

* sleep deprivation dramatically impacts insulin sensitivity
* sleep deprivation dramatically alters cortisol levels
* sleep deprivation limits our ability to utilize growth hormone efficiently for fat loss
* insulin resistance causes us to store fat around the middle and we have issues using fat for fuel
* high cortisol levels cause us to store fat around the middle
* high cortisol levels results in elevated blood glucose

In other words, if fat loss is your goal and you are NOT sleeping well.... if you are chronically insulin resistant and have elevated blood glucose levels from cortisol from lack of sleep.... then your insides are very similar to what they would be if you were eating a high carb diet.


Worse, if you don't get enough sleep your ability to burn fat is effectively castrated by the negative impact poor sleep has on your hormones. Pretty much ALL of them.

You will also feel horrible, have limited sex drive, more likely die of cancer (it is proven), and look old before your time, but I digress.

How about some good news?

If you DO get plenty of quality sleep, here is what you can expect
- improved cortisol levels in the body
- improved utilization of growth hormone for fat loss
- more energy
- a longer life
- you will look younger
- you will feel freaken awesome
- any health or fitness goal will begin to happen a lot more easily
- you will be happier, I GUARANTEE it.


So.... this week, how about a focus on SLEEP quality AND quantity? Want to get leaner, stronger, healthier? You will thank me for it.

Here are some basic tips to get your started:

1. Use black out curtains and sleep in a pitch black room
2. Stop looking at back-lit screens at LEAST two hours prior to going to sleep. That is NO tv, NO computer, NO ipad, NO smart phone. Instead read, walk, listen, or talk... to someone.
3. Whatever caffeine you consumed on average per day last week, this week.... halve it
4. Try and stop caffeine consumption within 4-5 hours of waking up, for most people, a simple rule of thumb is stop by midday. whatever you time you set, STICK to eat each day
5. Try and go to bed at the same time each night this week
6. Don't stuff yourself with a big meal inside 2 hours of sleeping, this has been shown to cause sleep disturbances and mess with growth hormone release during sleep
7. By the same taken, avoid alcohol, it not totally at least two hours prior to bed
8. And the best one: try and wake up WITHOUT an alarm, every chance you can. if this means you have to go to bed earlier.... then what is your body telling you???

Some extras:
- consider taking a magnesium citrate supplement (400mg to 1600mg) 1 hour prior to bed

- consider valerian tea, chamomile tea
- consider playing with melatonin if you have real issues, but start with low low doses under 1mg
- try bikram yoga in the evening, then don't look at your phone, tv, or computer afterwards until sleep time
- an ice bath in the evening (seriously)
- a long japanese style, deep, hot bath (ofuro) with 1kg of epsom salts (watch hydration)
- one day, take the entire evening off, read or talk to someone, then get a long deep tissue massage in, then pass out

I go for a rhythm where I try and shut down my brain by not thinking about work, reading work or thinking-related material (or looking at my computer) at least two hours prior to bed. Then for at least the last 15-30 minutes before bed, I read fiction, in relatively low light conditions (just enough soft light that your eyes don't strain).

This is second only to making love to your significant other as the ultimate good nights sleep night cap. Take thsoe endorphins and pass out with a smile on your face. Kiwi Two Cents.

Feel free to jump in on our facebook page with your own tips, tricks, and suggestions.

"100% Focus on Happiness"

That is my mantra, and it starts with phenomenal health - now go get your sleep!


Chris "the Kiwi" Ashenden

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Re: Athletic Greens

Postby lnr » March 11th, 2011, 11:07 am

I got my second batch of Athletic Greens this week and it's different from the last one. It's not as sweet, seems fluffier in the container, and when mixed it's less sludgy. Has anyone else noticed batch differences? I think I prefer the last batch.
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Re: Athletic Greens

Postby Blayne » March 12th, 2011, 2:08 am

Does any one have an actual ingredient list (with amount of each) for AG? I looked on their site before, as I wanted to compare against some other similar products. But I couldn't find the detailed ingredients anywhere. Is it on the package??

I have a hard time buying something where the manufacturer won't tell you what is in it. Just seems dishonest, and like they are trying to hide something. If it really has more than competitors' products, why not spell it out so buyers can see the difference??
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Re: Athletic Greens

Postby shadowoflight » March 12th, 2011, 6:24 am

Check out my blog: ... ternative/

I had to look for an alternative to Athletic Greens because

1. I'm not in US/Can
2. It's quite expensive
3. Even more expensive with freight forwarding
4. I feel that it's too highly priced..considering it's ground up food.

Also check out . 30+ green drink reviews and she seems to know her stuff
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