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Advice on SCD Snacks + Please comment on my diet

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Advice on SCD Snacks + Please comment on my diet

Postby koolsome » April 18th, 2012, 4:26 pm


I am on a SCD, and there are times I feel hungry. What is a good SCD snack? I don't want to spend nearly ANY time on it, so it can't be something I need to cook. I usually get hungry when I am at work (I work from 9am - 7pm), and so I need something I can either get easily, or can cook in 2 mins in morning/day before and carry to work.

I was thinking hard boiled eggs (I saw that these remain good in fridge till 7 days if unpeeled)

My current schedule

7:30 am - wake up

By 8am - Breakfast :
7 egg equivalent of Egg white in microwave ( around 250 ml of egg white), as per the nutrition table, gives me 25 g protein.
225 gm of green lentils , canned (i drain the water and then heat in microwave for 2 mins), and then add frozen chopped spinach (around 150 gms, that i add after heating the spinach for 2.5 mins)

12pm /12:30 pm - Lunch, at work:
Go to nearby Mexican restaurant. Take a chicken salad, with no rice, extra black beans, extra grilled chicken, lots of tomatoes, chillies, capsicum. no cheese, no soured cream, lots of jalapenos, guacamole, medium spicy salsa.
SCD to the letter, fills me up nicely.

5-6pm : I keep feeling hungry, don't know what to eat, so maybe I should eat some SCD snacks at 4pm or so. Please advice/suggest for this time.

7pm/8pm : SCD dinner. Exactly same as lunch.

12pm/1am - sometimes feel hungry. Please suggest what to eat - something that can be easily made.

I was trying to eat in these snack times/when I feel hungry, more lentils (opened from can, drain water, heat for 2 mins), but I was thinking if something else is better. I was thinking of whole boiled eggs.

Thanks in advance for the answers/advice/comments again. Cheers!
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Re: Advice on SCD Snacks + Please comment on my diet

Postby sandman369 » April 18th, 2012, 7:38 pm

Shouldn't need to snack if you eat enough in your 3 meals. You're eating basically no fat at breakfast, and looks like guacamole is your only fat source at lunch and dinner, which you should limit to about 1 cup/day. Fat and protein keeps you full.

Try replacing most of the egg whites (18g of protein) with 3 whole eggs (same protein but also 10g of fat and more calories). That way you might not need to eat lunch until an hour or two later, and then you can make it to 7-8pm dinner. That would be the first thing to try, very easy.

If that doesn't work after a couple days, come back and let me know.

Also, your schedule looks like it only leaves you 6 hours of sleep. That's not good enough when you're doing any kind of body recomp (burning fat, building muscle, or both) and really even if you're just maintaining - you should get at least 8 hours. Your body and brain need it to burn fat, rebuild tissue, and do all the complex stuff the brain needs to do.
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Re: Advice on SCD Snacks + Please comment on my diet

Postby justhamade » April 19th, 2012, 2:51 am

Almonds (raw no salt) and almond butter I use when I have to wait too long between meals.

Also a teaspoon of extra light olive oil works too.
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Re: Advice on SCD Snacks + Please comment on my diet

Postby Michelanjello » April 24th, 2012, 9:54 pm

Kimchi and any oily fish taste great together - sardines, sprats, whatever you've got around. Mix them up in every bite, and it'll taste a little spicy, and a little buttery.

There are half a dozen varieties of kimchi, and a multitude of brands. Find one you like. If you just can't stand kimchi, try nuts and oily fish instead - even one almond in every bite mitigates the oily fishiness to a great extent. If you aren't already eating at least two brazil nuts every morning and evening, oily fish is a good excuse to start including them.

And if you don't like oily fish OR kimchi, almonds and carrots might do you.
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