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Friends. I had everything.

The Harajuku moment, elusive bodyfat and making failure impossible.

Friends. I had everything.

Postby abbyamailk » February 13th, 2016, 2:18 am

Friends. I had everything. House, pool, and much more. Possession. So I had stress. If I want Green, I go out and not pay for lawn fertilizers, mowers and so on. I could Zulander Hack add many examples, but would be too long. I would want to live simply, sustainably and independently. I would also have to pay for anything that I do not use. The GEZ is here almost a seizure in front of the door. I have no TV or the like, but am supposed to pay for, because it is made available to me. Yes. I love the minimalism, because he is really .
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