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Training for American Ninja Warrior (ANW)

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Training for American Ninja Warrior (ANW)

Postby peruri » October 23rd, 2013, 11:51 pm

Thought it would be fun to try out for ANW. Not sure its doable; its a lofty goal for me, but I am trying.

I am doing a combination of rock climbing, gymnastics and some martial arts and yoga to train.

In terms of lifting, I am doing the effortless superhuman workout. Was doing 3 times a week, now doing 2x a week. I am sore after gymnastics so I felt I needed more time to recover and reduced the workout to 2x per week.

I am doing 95% of max 3 reps and 85% of max 5 reps with plyos and 5 min rest after each set as mentioned in 4HB. Doing this for bench press, deadlift and weighted pull ups and end with torture twist. I am making steady gains on deadlifts and on the pull ups. Totally stuck on bench press. Not improving.

Couple questions

1) What type of periodization should I use. I.e how long should I do this work out for? After 1-2 months should I switch to a different lifting routine? If so, what should I do
2) Any suggestions to modify this routine to improve grip strength? Thats what I need the most to try out for ANW
3) Any suggestions to get past my bench press plateau without gaining weight

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