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Increasing Weight in Effortless Superhuman

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Re: Increasing Weight in Effortless Superhuman

Postby Solid Dreams » July 12th, 2012, 12:13 pm ... k-loading/

There's a lady who does carb backloading.

I'm a little worried about that one. Does that mean cheating everyday? I'm female, does that change how I should apply the back loading diet? Should it really be carbs or could I just eat more protein?

For women, rather than, like how a guy would (for example) eat a pizza post wo for the HGI carbs, she'd have a slice or 2. Girls just can't put down tons of stuff like guys can, even if they work hard.

Let's say I follow a 4 day split, with days off. My split would be:
Mon: Back-more HGI carbs than usual.
Tues: Shoulders/Tris: maybe 1 bowl of cereal.
Wed: Off, no carbs (basically a keto diet)
Thurs: Chest/Bis, maybe 2 bowls.
Friday Off: No carbs
Sat: Legs, back workout amount of carbs
Sun: off, no carbs.

Diet is massive in what happens to your body. If you don't have it dialed in, then all the running and weight lifting in the world won't really help.

Carbs does not mean cheating. Legumes are carbs, but for optimal recovery a high glycemic index carb inter/post workout should be used.

Yes. If you're doing the strength training, no carbs intra, but then you slam em. The thing about this diet is that it has definite windows of opportunity: It follows your body's cycle so that it pumps you up in strength and (hopefully) leans you out. But you have to work out at specific points. I think if you work out from 12 pm till 2 or so, you're out of luck because that's when your insulin reaction is going to be highest and you'll have rebound (fat gain.)
Solid Dreams
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Re: Increasing Weight in Effortless Superhuman

Postby samsea » August 25th, 2012, 11:35 am

Thanks everyone for the advice,

I haven't back loaded exactly as perscribed (but then, I didn't follow the slow-carb exactly for the first 2 months either). What I've done so far, with positive results:

1) Make a point of eating larger portions of protein.
2) Eating more fats (cream in coffee, butter, sometimes nuts)
3) Eating more in general (eating a whole can of beans per meal).
4) Taking Vit D & A as is suggested in 4HB.

I've gained weight but not cm's so I think it is muscle.
I'm healing faster.
I have been able to lift heavier than before :) Bells!

New question:

How can I improve my recovery time?
Suggestions for repetitive stress injuries?

On season for my sport (just watch the first few minutes to get the idea) is about to start.

Training schedule at the mo is:
Mon 1hr+: skills & game (strength, cardio & endurance)
Tues 2hr+: Climbing or bouldering (I see this as weight training focusing on upper body)
Wed 1hr+: skills & game
Thurs 1hr: skills & game.
Friday: Can't move, nevermind get out of bed.
Sat: 30min HIIT (swimming)
Sun: Weights (Still following getting stronger but adjust exercises to accommodate sore muscles (resting those).

I think I'm doing too much exercise but can't really pick one to drop. I want to get faster, so want to keep the weight-training. But I also need to increase my work-rate in the game which means fitness (HIIT). The games & skills are crucial - no use having the fitness & strength if I don't know how to use it. And I really enjoy climbing (and the upper-body strength is helping a lot in the game).

e.g. I've learnt alcohol is really, really bad for recovery.
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Re: Increasing Weight in Effortless Superhuman

Postby young92117 » August 25th, 2013, 11:40 pm

So for those people who tried this, how much strength gains did you make following this or modified version of this protocol?

If you failed or stop this, what was the reason?

I am on SCD for last two month and am trying to get strength gain while I am loosing fat doing SCD. Since the OP was posted couple month ago, I assume couple of people already tried this. I want to get some feedback on this kind of training method from people who tried.
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