Cheat Meals: Good or Bad?

We’ve all heard of cheat meals and many of us incorporate them into our weekly eating plans.  But is there really a benefit to having 1,2, or even 3 cheat meals per week?  I’ll tell you the theory  behind cheat meals and how you can make them much more effective in helping you achieve your ultimate physique.

Ask any health conscious person why they incorporate cheat meals into their eating plan and you’re going to usually get 1 of 2 answers:

1) “Because it offsets my metabolism by having a cheat meal.”

2) “I would go insane if I couldn’t eat ice-cream and pizza one night a week.”

Let’s address the first response of cheat meals offsetting your metabolism.  The human body is the most complex “machine” on earth, and is smarter than even the highest advances in technology and medicine.  This is why after billions of dollars spent on research, we still can’t find a cure for cancer or other incurable diseases.  On the flip side, the human body also possesses the ability to heal itself of fatal diseases not understood by conventional medicine.  With that being said, the human body will adapt to ANYTHING you do consistently over time.  This refers to weight training, cardio conditioning, and nutrition.  If you originally consumed 2,000 cal/day and decreased down to 1,200 cal/day, you would notice a significant change initially and then experience a plateau.  Over time your body will adapt to the new caloric intake unless some type of adjustment has been made.

This is where the cheat meal comes into play.  People have the idea that if they throw a cheat meal into their routine (1-3 times per week), they’ll constantly be offsetting their metabolism and won’t allow their body to adapt to the restricted caloric levels.  Although this is true to a certain extent, don’t be fooled that this is going to happen in as short of a period as 4-7 days.  Creator of P90X, Tony Horton, uses the term “muscle confusion” as a genius way to market the P90X system:  “The success comes from keeping the body guessing with every workout.” Bullshit!!!!  Although the body is incredibly amazing and very adaptable, it’s not so advanced that it’s going to adapt to a program in 1 or 2 days.   So if you haven’t caught on yet, “muscle confusion” is B.S. (you do have to systematically adjust your programs over time, but not as frequent as P90X states).

It’s important to realize that the benefit from the cheat meal comes from the higher calorie intake on that day, not the usual shitty food that most people consume. Below is a list of what doesn’t qualify as a cheat meal:

  • It’s not a meal & dessert: it’s ONE meal.
  • It’s not an “ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT” buffet
  • It’s not an entire day: many people turn a cheat meal into a cheat day, and wonder why their ass is still fat.
  • It’s not more than one plate: no second helpings!
  • It shouldn’t be more than 800-1,000 calories: you’ll be surprised how many restaurant meals are over this range.

If you’re still struggling with losing any amount of fat, I highly suggest you take a look at what you’re consuming as your cheat meals.  There is absolutely no reason why your cheat meal can’t consist of healthy and nutrient-dense food.  To increase your caloric intake on those cheat meal days, simply eat more nutritious food.  This will not only offset your metabolism, but will also keep your digestion and metabolism working optimally, ensuring a greater amount of fat-loss.

My suggestion is that if you have 20 pounds of fat or more to lose, your cheat meals shouldn’t be unhealthy choices.  Stick to healthy, higher-calorie meals to offset your metabolism.  If you want to check out a great explanation of how to cycle your nutrition this way, click here. Celebrity trainer Billy Beck III, breaks down nutrition cycling to get optimal results.

Now, on to the discussion of cheat meals acting as a prevention from insanity.  People fall into this category because their idea of healthy food is bland and tasteless.  This couldn’t be any further from the truth.  Healthy food should be extremely enjoyable and have an abundance of taste.  If you eat plain chicken and steamed broccoli (not micro-waved broccoli) for dinner four nights a week, you’re probably going to get some major cravings.

Eating a cheat meal is NOT going to keep you sane.  The only thing cheat meals are going to keep you from is your final goal.  People crave junk food and high fat meals the same way a drug addict craves drugs.  I’ve never heard of a therapist tell a cocaine addict to snort a few lines every 7 days so they don’t go insane.  Of course I’m being a little overdramatic, but there are certain foods that can be just as addicting for some individuals as drugs.

Researchers at Princeton University discovered that when large amounts of sugar are ingested, the brain experiences changes similar to the changes experienced by people who abuse cocaine and heroin.  Bingeing releases a surge of the brain neurotransmitter dopamine, giving people a sense of well-being and satisfaction.

It takes 21 days to break a bad habit.  If you eat bad foods every 4-7 days, you’ll continue to reintroduce yourself to every bad habit you’re trying to break.  Whether it’s over-eating or any type of food addiction/craving, it’s nothing more than a mental barrier that’s preventing you from optimal health.

Planning and mental conditioning can help break through this obstacle.  If you’re the type of person who falls off the wagon after one cheat meal, I suggest you only eat healthy meals.  There are always healthy choices at EVERY restaurant you eat at….pick one!  Stop thinking of food as enjoyment, and you will begin to break through the pleasure experienced by consuming certain foods.  Food is energy, health, and life.  It’s not a celebration, reward, or a drug!  Cheat meals will either keep your progress rolling, or stop you dead in your tracks (sometimes literally)!

Who wants Ice-Cream?


This is a guest post from Bryan Francis at


  1. “Stop thinking of food as enjoyment, and you will begin to break through the pleasure experienced by consuming certain foods. Food is energy, health, and life. It’s not a celebration, reward, or a drug!”

    Certainly something that I need to learn and absorb, not just read. 21 days to break a habit – can anyone suggest an alternate celebration or reward??

    Thanks – Heather

    1. Hey Heather, thanks for the comment and it’s very difficult to think of an alternative celebration or reward that doesn’t involve food or alcohol because we’ve been conditioned that way since the time we were children. I was able to have dessert after dinner when I was child as a reward for finishing my plate. Every celebration we can think of involves food to some degree. There is no reason why that food MUST be high in sugar and unhealthy fats.

      And a celebration or reward doesn’t always have to involve food. Go out and spoil yourself or someone you care about by buying them something or by doing them an unexpected favor. Whatever brings enjoyment to you (besides food), is what you should reward yourself with. If food is ALWAYS your celebration or reward, which it is for most people, I challenge you to break that pattern and see how your life is changed. You’ll even be surprised at how many other people you may inspire and educate at the same time. It’s definitely a challenge, but It’ll take your results to a whole new level. Thanks again :-)

  2. Best comments I have read on cheat day. I struggle with cheat day all the time. From now on its cheat MEAL for me.


    1. -Mirandie, I’ve never believed in cheat days because they’ve ALWAYS limited my personal results and I’ve seen them be extremely detrimental to others as well. You can do a lot of damage in an entire day, and if you’re going to cheat, keep it to one meal. One meal is not going to offset an entire weeks worth of dedication and hard work, but if you let that one meal influence the entire day, you results may begin to downhill. You’ll be excited with the continuous results….I guarantee it :-)

  3. Great information on cheat meals. I tend to eat way too much on my cheat days! they lasted all day. :)

    1. Hey David, you’re definitely not alone. Cheat days for most turn into all day binges which will only setback your progress. If you can get ONE meal under control as your cheat meal (not day…but one meal) you’ll continue to see constant change in a positive way. Thanks for the comment!

  4. Hey B-Francis! Great information and thanks for the plug :) As you and I both know The Mental Conditioning aspect is the most often neglected portion of achieving physical mastery. The cheat meal celebration is a symptom of a lack of mental conditioning. Here you spell it out perfectly! great work brother!

    1. Great addition Billy about “Mental Conditioning.” I think many people fail to realize that they’ll most often break down mentally before they do physically. Thanks for adding that in!

  5. Great article! definitely gets the point across to people that a cheat meal doesn’t last the whole weekend!! BUT one cheat meal does make you more sane when trying to reach your goal! :)

    1. Thanks for the comment Jess, and if the cheat meal keeps you sane, more power to you. I’ve experienced many people’s lack of discipline to only keeping it to a true “cheat meal” and not an entire day or self-sabotage weekend (which commonly happens). Enjoy your cheat meal ;-)

  6. thanks for the article. sometimes it’s hard to know what a cheat-meal consists of. and is it better not to eat and skip a meal to try and shed those extra pounds? probably not, RIGHT? waiting for your advise bryan.

    1. -Rita, it’s never wise to skip a meal of any sort (meals or snacks). You’ll definitely lose weight by skipping meals, but 99% of it is going to be lean body mass (the good stuff you want to hold onto). And cheat meals can consist of anything. But my advice is that if you have 15-20 pounds or more of fat to lose, I’d skip on the junk food and just use your cheat day as a higher calorie day of the same nutrient dense foods you’ve already been eating. You’ll shock your body and the results will continue without setting yourself back. Give it a try and I can almost guarantee you’ll feel amazing :-)

  7. I don’t like the word “cheat” because its negative and makes you feel like you’ve done something bad. I also don’t like “reward” after you’ve been working so hard to have a proper diet to feel good and look great. If you have something that is not so good – don’t beat yourself up about it. But also don’t spiral into the negative mentality of “we’ll I’ve already gone this far, might as well get something worse.” Positive mental conditioning and discipline are key. If you need a reward, make a list of things you wouldn’t necessarily buy for yourself. Then when you want to “cheat/reward” yourself pick something from that list. For me its a massage, new outfit, shoes, putting money towards a weekend getaway, etc. You don’t have to “cheat” when you make things a habit or lifestyle.

    1. -Jenn, I couldn’t agree with you more and I love your advice for rewarding yourself; “For me its a massage, new outfit, shoes, putting money towards a weekend getaway, etc. You don’t have to “cheat” when you make things a habit or lifestyle.”

      Thanks for the awesome comment and even better advice. Hopefully this will stick with some readers and they’ll give it a try. Celebrations of life are so much more than just junk food and alcohol. Thanks again :-)

  8. Great Post Bryan,…. Very important to put into our bodies optimal foods that will helps us stay healthy, energized and lean. Sometimes we need a break called “CHEAT MEAL”, but the important part here is to know how to handle the moment and not to go overboard, if so, changes are we can get a stomach ache. :o )

    1. Great point Diana, and I think we’ve all experienced the cheat meal overload which usually turns into a food coma. Thanks for the comment Diana!

  9. Great Post Bryan! And so very true! I spend most of my time with clients trying to get them to understand that EATING should not be based on EMOTION. We need to eat in order to have fuel in order to gain lean muscle and lose pure fat! If people dedicated some time to cooking and preparing healthy meals that taste GREAT, there would be no reason for a “CHEAT MEAL”. I don’t ever think of having a cheat day or meal, I just eat well all the time and if there is something that I want to have, I eat it MODERATELY. I can truly say I LOVE TO EAT HEALTHY, and my wish is that people could get to ENJOY eating healthy as well, Too many people fail to get results because they eat well monday through friday and then royally mess up their nutrition over the weekend, and then wonder why they dont get results! SOOOOO FRUSTRATING!

    1. Great point Michelle. Preparation is key to success and you MUST plan to succeed. It gets very difficult at times to educate people about the importance digestion and how foods influence the health of the nutrients you absorb and utilize. Thanks for contributing to helping people live a healthy lifestyle :-)

  10. This is an awesome article that helps us shift from the conditioning of the cheat day and into the cheat meal. Food has for centuries been a source of pleasure and an important part of our need as humans to connect with each other. I agree that it is fuel for our body but in many instances it become much more. For example, when I make my Grandmother’s recipes – which she lovingly wrote down in her own handwriting inside one of my cookbooks – I feel a connection to my past and my history. I celebrate her life and my love for her when I make something that she made for me when I was a child and share it with my children. It’s great to allow myself to enjoy the food for what it is and once I get up from the table then it’s back to basics of eating lean to stay lean. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The more tools we have in our toolbox the better we can tackle the obstacles we encounter when trying to achieve a healthy, balanced and nutritious lifestyle. Awesome article!

    1. Daphne, you definitely make the connection between food and our emotions. I know we all have past experiences that bring us great happiness and joy when we have foods from our past and I think that is an amazing thing. Our culture has taught us all from a very young age that food is celebrations (birthdays, weddings, happy hours, etc.), and that is OK to a certain extent. The mental conditioning of being able to rise up to your surroundings and not fall into the currents of convenience and temptations, will set you up for success every time. Thank you so much for sharing that comment :-)

  11. Thanks for clearly defining the boundaries of a “cheat” meal, Bryan! There is so much ambiguity out there regarding cheat meals that I think a lot of people tend to go way overboard. Overeating the wrong foods wreaks so much hormonal havoc that I think the cheat meal can become exponentially counterproductive. In my profession (clinical health psychology), I often teach clients the connection between foods and neurotransmitters and help them find other activities that offer the same neurotransmitter boost. Typical cheat foods like ice cream, cake, pizza, etc. provide an immediate (but temporary) serotonin surge. Chocolate is a special exception since it provides both a serotonin and dopamine boost, along with a bit of caffeine. There are other activities and foods that can provide similar neurotransmitter surges (like specific types of exercise, specific music genres, root vegetables, etc.) that can help replace that which results from “cheat” foods. I think the reward that people anticipate from a “cheat” meal can easily be replaced with the right information and planning. Thanks for outlining the boundaries of “cheat” meals for everyong!

    1. Lisa, Thank you so much for your advice and comment. Your expertise in clinical psychology really taps into the psychological impact many cheat foods have. Loved the example you gave of other activities and foods that provide the similar neurotransmitter response (specific types of exercise, specific music genres, root vegetables, etc.). This is such valuable information and I’m so appreciative that you shared this with all of us. Thanks again :-)

  12. Hello –

    I just started reading this book and this article is counter to what Tim says. Rule #5 Take One Day off per Week and Go Nuts (pg 75).

    Now, let me first say, that I am not a gluttenous person. Even during the week, when no direction if given as to how many calories, protein or fat are prescribed, I keep to a normal caloric intake and try to eat at least 1500 calories (which is hard when all you eat is lean protein, veggies and legumes!) And I would not take advantage of the “cheat” day to engorge myself unneccessarily with food. On the contrary, I am excited to treat myself to a nice normal size lunch and dinner and maybe even a bite or two of dessert that I normally would not otherwise endulge. Perhaps for lunch, some fish tacos and sushi for dinner. That’s it, with a few adult beverages, of couse!

    So my question to you is, do you not think it would acceptable for someone with restrain to be able to treat themselves one day a week as opposed to those who take this as license to eat as if it were their last day on earth? This one day is less than 20% of the entire week. Just a thought.


    1. Adeline, the way you’ve described yourself and your control, I would definitely say it was OK for you to continue to “treat” yourself every now and then (once a week). The problem many people run into, is that they take the cheat day completely out of context and spend an entire day eating themselves into a food coma. I personally see this all the time and it is ALWAYS reflected in their results. Every single individual is different and their bodies are going to respond differently to cheat days or cheat meals. The best advice I can give to you is to track your results and progress religiously and see what type of response your body has from the cheat days. If a cheat day sets you back 2-3 days, which happens in many cases, it’s not worth it from a mental or physical perspective.

      Your cheat days sound very controlled and that is the type of day I would support. The health of your digestive tract and your ability to absorb nutrients is critical not only for health purposes, but to burn body fat as well. So overloading your system with unhealthy foods is almost always counterproductive.

      Like I said, track your progress and see what works for you because everybody is different. Let me know as your progress on the program and best of luck with everything. Thanks for sharing :-)

  13. I’m confused. Has Tim Ferriss come out and revised the basic tenets of Slow Carb since his book was published? He mentioned that some people got it down to one cheat meal per week, but he certainly doesn’t insist on that. In fact, he revels in describing the exact contents of his cheat days, which contain whole pizzas and other things I can’t physically envision eating.

    I find it interesting to see how many apocryphal sources have sprung up around 4HB but don’t actually come to us with reported successes from following Tim’s exact program. I started 4HB as an experiment to see if I could get better results than my other eating plan had been giving me (Rachael & Richard Heller’s Stress-Eating Cure), and I wish that there were more “literal interpretationists” out there on the web.

    1. Hey Angela. From my understanding, Tim Ferriss hasn’t revised his book and still has the same beliefs regarding cheat days. Cheat days/meals are such a misunderstood topic for many people and that’s why I had decided to write an article on it. Whether a person should cheat for one meal or an entire day is really specific to each individual. To make the generalization and say that an entire day is allowed for everybody following your diet plan, can definitely get you into a lot of trouble in reference to your individual results.

      Some people need cheat meals (I’d never recommend an entire day) just to slow down their progress, but this is very few and for most people still needing to lose over 15 pounds of fat (not scale weight, but actual body fat), I’d suggest the more healthier approach described in the article. I don’t have a “best-selling” book out, but have repeated outstanding results over and over again with people of all ages and weights.

      You always just have to see what works for you, but if it takes you 2 or more days to get your weight back down, why even set yourself back in the first place (not saying that to you specifically, but that’s the response you hear all the time from people who have these out of control cheat meals or days). Let me know how the program works for you and I’m interested in hearing about your progress. Thanks for your response!

  14. If you’re following the Four Hour Body version of the Slow Carb Diet, it’s a Binge Day, not just a meal. As Tim Ferriss says though, some people choose to do a meal instead of a day and that works. He also says some choose to do a day or a meal every two weeks instead of every week. It’s all about what works for you personally…and that’s almost always going to be a little different than what worked for that guy over there, or that gal right there, etc.

    I’ve done cheat days since starting the 4HB SCD in February and lost 27 lbs and went from 30% body fat to 13.8% before switching to Occam’s Protocol about 6 weeks ago. It took about 3 1/2 months to make that radical change. That was following the SCD to the T, not including supplements. My cheat days, EVERY TIME, consist of a bag of Cheetos (family size), at least one large candy bar – usually Snickers, whiskey, and lot’s of beer (I write for a whiskey blog so that’s work calories!). I’ve never lost my weekend weight (between 6 and 9 lbs) later than Wednesday, and it’s usually gone by Tuesday. **I’m a 38 year old 6′ 2″ guy.

    All in all, it’s what works for you, not him or her. Try the binge/cheat day. If you haven’t lost the weight gained by Wednesday at the latest, switch to a cheat meal. Until I start to plateau while in SCD mode I’ll continue to believe that binge/cheat DAY (for me) works as Tim Ferriss lays out in the 4HB book.

    1. Hey Ernie, I think that’s fantastic that you’ve cut your body fat in half since February, and that’s quite a cheat day for you (love the “family size” bag of cheetos). You stated it exactly right…’s all about what works for you! But gaining 6-9 lbs every weekend is definitely detrimental to achieving optimal health.

      Sugar, alcohol, & high fat foods (which are what most people’s cheat days consist of) create inflammation within your digestive tract, which wreaks havoc on your digestion and metabolism. There is a reason you weight 6-9 lbs more after every weekend. Your body becomes stressed and inflamed, and over time it’s going to offset hormone regulation as well (depletion of lean body mass & storage of body fat).

      I congratulate you for your success so far, but even if you cut the cheat day down by half, you’d experience results like you never imagined possible. Try it for a couple of weeks and see what happens.

      BTW…what’s your whiskey blog? I’d love to check it out :-) Thanks for sharing your comments and experience!

      1. Thanks for the input, Bryan. I’m going back to SCD after one more week of Occam’s and I may try to cut it down…a little :-) …to see how it goes.

        As for my blog, it is

        All the best!

        1. Thanks Ernie :-) Definitely going to check out your blog. Not much of a whiskey drinker, but maybe you’ll teach me something. LOL :-) Take care and thanks again!!

  15. While I understand your point of view I don’t agree and it is contrary to what the 4HB says to a great degree.

    The idea that everyone can look at food as just sustenance is ridiculous. We are bombarded with tv ads print ads billboards of food that is not good for you but taste amazing. But as most of these restaurants or food companies will tell you – it is best to eat in moderation.

    And so I suspect the reason most of us are going this program is:
    a) we are the unfortunate types Gary Taubes talks about -those unlucky souls who got the short end of the stick in the gene pool and can’t properly absorb carbs and therefore we are more suited to a protein/ fat / veggie diet or
    b) the word moderation when it comes to “junk food” is non existent. That may be partially from what you describe as the dopamine effect like drugs or it could be from depression or other emotional issues that eventually lead to self loathing etc. but I’m not an expert.

    So when you are saying ‘cheat meal’ is just eating a larger healthy meal… and TF says Dieters Gone Wild it is definitely not in the same ball game let alone ball park.

    A main reason TF talks about is the psychology of ‘dieting’ and the need to binge so it’s going to happen schedule it and damage control it. Regardless of what you say – if someone who is heavy wants a chocolate bar and they are on a food restricted calorie restricted diet – they are gonna have that chocolate bar. They’ll either wait until they have starved themselves and got to their ‘ideal weight’ and then slowly start creeping back up with eating more and more junk type foods i.e one chocolate bar then two then maybe a king size bar. Or they’ll go on a binge half way to their goal- feel sorry for themselves, feel deprived feel cheated in life when they look at Megan Fox – feel like crap and give up. And that one binge made them feel like a failure and that gives them permission to give up. Not a problem with controlled binges.

    I’m not sure if the Author of this article has ever actually been heavy … like I mean obese heavy- but even if you have- I think that taking away cheat day (which is what it is actually called not cheat meal day but cheat day)- Is going to make a lot of people backfire. Also I find it sounds very judgmental from someone who probably didn’t have to try that hard. I could be wrong -maybe you were super heavy and lost a ton of weight but obsessive is obsessive whether you are Obese or Anorexic and the varying degrees in between.

    After all- if this is to be a complete lifestyle change that people should carry throughout their lives then it is not realistic to say that you should mentally get over junk food unless you are living in the dessert- no wait they probably have Mc D’s there too. Do you eat a piece of Birthday cake or have the occasional order of French Fries- my guess is maybe? Does that make you a failure or a loser -no because it is what the average person does. Skinny people enjoy food too -so why shouldn’t heavy people. Skinny people may even have a second piece or dinner and dessert and they enjoy it so why wouldn’t a heavy person also enjoy it.

    Saying that healthy food can be delicious is condescending, of course it is delicious but come on!; so is a piece of triple chocolate cake and trying to convince people otherwise- is insulting.

    For myself anyway and I can really only speak for myself (maybe there’s a lesson there eh?) I sometimes go overboard on cheat day and other times I don’t… no I do not like looking at the scale on Sunday, Monday but by Wednesday I am usually okay with looking at it and Thursday to Saturday I am usually much happier looking at it. With this plan-I can see doing it for a very long term if not for life.

    Food is delicious and junk food is too. Let’s not kid ourselves here. The junk food makers don’t force the food in our mouths- we do that… so if 6 days out of 7 I am eating delicious healthy non calorie counted meat and veggies and maybe some lentils and on the 7th I decide to have anything my heart desires then I’m okay with it… and if it’s working then what’s the problem. Maybe a bit of fine tuning is required – but if it ain’t broke- don’t fix it.

    This is just my humble opinion.

    1. Great comment, Gingy! Where’s the “Like” button??

    2. Hey Gingy! Having worked with many obese and overweight clients, I can only tell you what has worked from my experience. Food is an addiction for many people and just as there is “alcoholics anonymous”, there are support groups for “food addicts” as well. I’ve coached many people through this program and I’m telling you from my experience what works and what actually does cause relapses every time.

      No, I’ve never been obese. But I know how the body works on a physiological and psychological level. It doesn’t take me being obese to understand how patterns and habits are created and what causes detrimental addictions to occur in people. People overeat for all different types of reasons, and it doesn’t take someone being obese to understand that. The reason I overeat is completely different to the reason why you or anybody else overeats. Some have control, while others have none. You stated yourself that “you don’t like looking at the scale on Monday or Tuesday.” If you can’t see the negative association from that and the setback that creates not only mentally but physically as well, I don’t know if you’ll ever get it.

      My view is completely contrary to what the 4HB describes and that’s the great thing about this. Use the 4HB as a starting block to see how far you can take your health, because everything TF states, isn’t always going to work for you. Just as with any plan, there is always going to be some things you agree with and some that you don’t. I do appreciate you sharing your personal experience and would love to hear your update as you continue on the program. Thanks again :-)

  16. Well, maybe my cheat day is what is preventing me from getting the results I want. My sugar blood count has gone up to 124 and my weight loss is not at all something to write home about. It probably has to do with the fact that I drown myself in chocolate when Saturday comes up the corner. Cheat day and legumes is what I most like about 4HB and yet what you say Bryan is sensible and even though I hate reading it because I sometimes cannot wait to see Saturday, will of course give it a try. Thanks for the post

    1. -Mariflor, the best thing you can do is keep track of everything you’re doing and continuously go back and revisit what works and what doesn’t. I believe the 4HB is a great program for some and not the best option for others. The 4HB may be the program to get you started, but at some point you may need to venture out of your “comfort zone” and tread into new and uncomfortable waters for a bit (the reward is always worth it). Nothing in life is ever going to come easy, and food is a major challenge for most people. Whether it’s decision making, planning, cooking, or convenience, food is what’s going to make or break your results.

      I can honestly say, that I have an insane addiction to sugary foods and regardless of how long I stay away from them, one binge and I’m drowned in sugar for a week straight. Find out what works best for you and run with it until your at least at a weight and body fat percentage that you can maintain in a healthy way. Thanks for your thoughts and keep me posted on your progress. Take care!

  17. I have to agree with Gingy. Tim Ferriss explains that after the first SCD meal, that the rest of the day is whatever you want. He lists bear claws and other junk food as his binge day meals. He also has “damage control” exercises and grapefruit juice to reduce blood sugar elevations, while still calorie loading. I have been doing Atkins for 15 years and have hit a plateau, either because I’ve had 4 kids, I’m getting older, I am a little less active (because of the kids), my body has adjusted to the low carbs/calories, or I am sure a combination of all of the above. I am not even near a food addict and I am probably 30lbs overweight. I haven’t eaten sugar or starch (including beans) in 15 years. I was wondering if the binge days were going to save me by hiking up my metabolism. I am doing kettlebells, glute activators, flying dogs, cat vomit, and myo crunches, SCD including eating when I wake, and every 4 hours. I do need to do the ice on my back, but need to figure out an ice pack that will work well. We will see how it goes & I will read that section again, but I am RIGHT BACK on track after binge day. It doesn’t bother me, especially after doing Atkins for 15 years. I don’t really miss that food, but it is nice splurging again for 3/4 of a day.

  18. Hey Joidevivre, having 4 kids, getting older, being less active, and plateauing, are all great combinations to bring your progress to a halt. Bear claws and other junk food may work for somebody under 15-20 lbs of fat still to lose, but I wouldn’t personally recommend it for people looking lose more fat than that. If you’ve done atkins for 15 years now, I definitely suggest a change. Try the 4HB for a while and track your results. I’d recommend trying to go with the Paleo diet (I hate calling things a diet, because it’s more of a lifestyle change and a long-term way of eating), and see how your body adjust to that. Eating foods closest to their natural state will produce great results. The only thing that can offset blood sugar & the glycemic response of foods, is by adding in either fiber or fat, or both. Grapefruit juice has neither fat or fiber, so I’d honestly question the effects of that method.

    I’d be cautious about the pain being felt in your back and maybe that’s a sign that either your exercises or form needs to be changed or adjusted for what your current condition is. Back pain in NEVER normal no matter how you look at it. A great ice pack for the back is to wet a bath towel, fold it over a couple of times, and stick it in the freezer until its frozen. Once its frozen you can place the towel under your back and lie on it for 15-20 minutes. It works great, but if it’s something you need to do on a regular basis, I would look deeper into what’s actually causing the discomfort in the first place. Thanks for sharing and look forward to hearing from you again :-)

  19. I totally agree with Gingy!

    Sure maybe the cheat day isn’t optimal for health, but a complete paleo lifestyle isn’t something most of us will enjoy or realistically be able stick with. SCD is maybe 20 percent of the effort of paleo, with 80 percent (or more) of the benefits – also cheat day is loads of fun, even if you’re not a sugar addict anymore! If you’re optimizing for quality of life rather than physical health, SCD wins hands down over both paleo and the standard american diet.

    Don’t set people up to fail by prematurely forcing them to choose between orthorexia and fatness. People whose bodies do not tolerate the cheat day well will automatically wean themselves from it. People who do tolerate it well will never believe you about the invisible inflammation boogyman.

    1. Jemimah, you stated it perfectly; “Sure maybe the cheat day isn’t optimal for health..”. My goal is try and educate people on what optimal health really is. How can you know how amazing life is, if you’ve never achieved that level of health. At what point to you decide to cut out the binge days? Is it when the doctors discover that stomach cancer developing? Or maybe its when you step on the scale and realize your binge day has caused you to gain more weight in one day, than you lost in an entire week. Its not about people being “skinny” or people being “fat”, its about health. You obviously read the 4HB, so I challenge you now to a read a little bit more so you can a deeper understanding of what you think is OK. I’m in complete agreement with a cheat meal. But I would NEVER advise someone that its OK to have an entire binge day on bearclaws, candy, ice-cream, & as much alcohol as they can possibly tolerate. That’s just common sense 101…if it sounds unhealthy, it most likely is. Try reading the book “the sugar shock” & maybe you’ll believe intestinal & systemic inflammation is more real than the boogeyman! Gotta admit though, that did make me laugh cause I really did used to believe in the boogeyman! Who didn’t, right? Thanks for the comment :-)

    2. Here are two books I highly recommend everyone to read!

      1) “Sugar Shock!” by: Connie Bennett
      2) “Eating Alive: Prevention thru good digestion” by Jonn Matsen

  20. Hi Brian. I will keep you posted. Thanks for getting back.

  21. Great article, would love to know your strategies to eat healthy food at restaurants and while traveling!


    1. Hey Daniel, If I find myself eating out at restaurants a lot (meaning more frequently than my occasional cheat meal every now and then), I always choose either some sort of grilled fish or chicken, and pair it with a side of steamed vegetables. I also always start out with a salad to avoid the cravings of bread or other tasty looking appetizers. I’m never too concerned with the seasonings or sauces (except for butter) used, because its not a regular occurrence for me. Anytime you can get a sauce served on the side, the better in my opinion because you probably won’t use as much of it. Most restaurants will cater to almost every one of your requests, within reason. And if the restaurant still doesn’t have anything appealing & healthy to you, almost every restaurant will give you grilled chicken with a side of steamed vegetables (even if it’s not on the menu).

      But don’t get me wrong, a lot of times when I go out to eat, I can care less about the health of the food I’m eating and indulge myself in whatever is put in front of me. But the cheat ends as soon as my ass leaves the table. I’d NEVER support an entire cheat day and still strongly believes that will set you up for not only temporary setbacks, but failures further down the road as well. Mental conditioning and breaking old patterns is what leads to permanent and long-term results. Entire cheat days effect both of those components.

      In regards to traveling. Try to do some as much research as you can before you get to your destination. Look up locations of grocery stores, restaurants, & other markets that will allow you to plan & eat accordingly while away. Look up hotels that are within reasonable distance to markets and gyms (if exercise is an important part of your routine). Regardless of whether you’re just eating out in your hometown, or away on a trip, there are ALWAYS healthy food choices that can be made. The biggest challenge is having the mindset to actually follow through with what your original plan of action was.

      Hope this helps out and I appreciate your comment!

  22. Hi Bryan
    I have been reading the Paleo Diet. Somehow SCD has not worked for me too much and that is an understatement. But I love legumes and Paleo is against it. I miss fruits and Tim is against them. Both advocate open meal or cheat day and I am trying to go towards a cheat meal as you suggested. Confused by all that I read I ask you if there is a way of combining both methods to get better results. Maybe eat fruit one meal with no legumes on that given meal like Paleo and lunch for examples, eat perhaps a smaller quantity of legumes (I take a cup of them). I don´t know now what to do. Could it be that legumes are not good for me? I would really, really appreciate your thoughts on this.

    1. -Mariflor, I’m sorry to hear that the SCD hasn’t worked out for you the way you intended it to, but just like anything else, it isn’t for EVERYBODY. You have your hands on a phenomenal book right, the Paleo Diet, and I’m sure that if you adopt 80% of the principles they discuss, you’ll achieve pretty significant results. Legumes are just like any other food. They may be great for some, while possessing digestive issues for others. My best advice in regards to the legumes, is to try to go without them for at least 10 days and measure your results from there. And when I say measure your results, I’m not simply implying to just step on the scale and see what it reads. Weigh yourself on the scale, take a circumference measurement of your waist with a tape measure, measure your body fat if possible, and really gauge to see how you feel. It takes so much more than just a scale to determine if progress is being made or not.

      I’d also definitely recommend staying away from cheat “days”, and stick to only a cheat “meal”. You seem to have that stubborn body type and an entire cheat day would most likely set you back rather than move you forward (which the goal of any program is). How Tim Ferris can be against fruits, but promote “BINGE” days is beyond me. If your eating organic fruits sparingly with some type of healthy fat & protein, you’re probably not going to get yourself into too much trouble. Its the sugar, salt, and fatty foods that are limiting our progress and causing disease. We’ve been wired from childhood to crave these foods and they wreak havoc on our digestive system. People are fooled to believe that “systemic inflammation” is some made up phenomenon, but it’s inflammation that occurs on a cellular level throughout your entire body as a result of eating pro-inflammatory foods. This is what really leads to degenerative diseases, with obesity being among the top of the list.

      Like I said, experiment with the legumes and see how they work for you. Hope this answers a few of your questions and I wish you the best of luck with everything!

      1. Bryan
        Thank you. You said something regarding weight measurement that I never considered before and that is the fact that weight measurement is not all. True. I will suscribe myself to the cheat meal and will only do one meal (breakfast probably) with legumes since I would be missing a lot without them. Besides, I don´t have a digestive issue with them and they simply take away anxiety like a charm. I´ll eat fruit sparingly as you say and see how it goes. What do you think? Thanks again for taking the time to answer back. It really helps a lot.

        1. -Mariflor, I think your plan sounds good, and I’d even suggest doing the legumes every other day (not every day). You really don’t want to consume anything everyday. Your body responds better this way and you decrease your chances of developing food sensitivities to these foods. Although you may think you don’t have an issue with legumes, unless you’ve done an extensive food allergy panel, you never know. That’s why decreasing the amount and seeing how your body responds is so crucial. Many people never even show noticeable signs or symptoms of what they’re sensitive to. Everything else sounds good and I think will make a positive impact in your life.

          1. Thanks again Brian. I will do legumes every other day. Having said that, shouldn´t there be some other source of carbs? or are fruits enough?

  23. -Mariflor, you’re definitely right that there needs to be some other form of carbs. Just make sure that your carbs are coming from high-quality sources and not refined or processed carbs. Stick to carbs like brown rice, quinoa, couscous, sweet potatoe, ezekial bread, vegetables, and low glycemic fruits (berries, apples, etc.). If you do end up having moderate to high glycemic fruits, make sure you eat them with something else that contains either fat, protein, or fiber, and that will offset the blood sugar spike associated with the high glycemic fruit. Never eat carbs by themselves! Best of luck to you!

    1. Great Brian. Thanks again for this effort of yours that is really helping out people who are not finding great results with SCD and now do not know where to turn to. This was my case and I have the feeling that this mix and match in the end is just a way of eating not too much of one or two things, a little of mostly everything. It is sensible and feels right.

  24. Hey Bryan,

    Iam 19 years old, 140 pounds, and have been swimming about 4000 yards each morning. I’ll also run a few miles or lift weights in the evening. I usually eat around 3000 calories a day, but I have been really struggling with binging this year. I eat a pretty healthy diet (lots of oatmeal, fruit, veggies, peanut butter, lean meats), but once a week I go into binge mode and start eating everything. Tonite after dinner I was full, but I still forced down an entire jar of peanut butter and a dozen pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. Im talking 10,000+ calories. I’m just really worried/stressed out because I know for a fact Im not going to be able to swim tomorrow, and all I feel like doing is not eating for a couple days. Im going on vacation in a week, cross country starts in 3 weeks, and I feel like I have ruined all of my progress, and can even see myself getting bigger in the mirror. Can you please give me some advice because Iam completely stressed out

  25. JJ, First off, you must realize that stressing out of something that’s already been done and can’t be taken back is only going to lead to more stress and anxiety. What’s done is done, and the next step is to implement a plan for the next time you’re about to encounter that situation again. Although you’re young and very active, and seem to be at an ideal weight, food addictions and unhealthy eating are NEVER habits you want to take lightly because there will be a day when you’re no longer swimming every day or working out twice a day to balance the amount of calories you’re taking in.

    You’re question is very complex and requires me to know so much more information about you. I have a lot more valuable information on my personal blog (, which may answer some of your nutritional information. Feel free to respond or comment through that site as well and hopefully you’ll find some information that is of value to you and your current situation. Start with taking things one day at a time and usually binging is triggered by something (which is different for everybody). If you can pinpoint that trigger (emotions, boredom, psychological, lack of calories throughout the day, etc.), you’ll definitely be on your way to breaking that bad pattern.

  26. Hey Bryan,

    Thanks for the great article. We all appreciate your expertise. I had been having one cheat meal every Saturday night, and pretty much eating whatever I wanted: pizza, burgers, fries, Dairy Queen, etc. Like others, I had read that it was necessary to avoid crashing your metabolism and so it was a necessary part of the weekly diet. I definitely have the discipline to skip the cheat meal if it will help accelerate my results. I’m 61 years old, quite fit and 13.8% body fat using calipers and weigh 167 pounds. (Gotta get to a Bod Pod here in town soon to get a more accurate BF assessment.) So again… you do not feel it will crash my metabolism if I eat lean 100% every week? My goal is to get down to 10% without losing mass or weight.


    1. Hey Fred, I guarantee you that it won’t crash your metabolism if you eat clean 100% of the time. The problem is that most people don’t have the discipline to eat that way 100% of the time. The cheat meal/day is strictly beneficial for off-setting your calories. There’s no reason why you can’t eat a higher calorie day with healthier food choices besides pizza, ice-cream, sweets, etc.

      Some people feel that they are depriving themselves and missing out on life if they don’t eat these types of comfort foods, but if you have the mindset that you don’t need them, then more power to you and I can almost assure you that your health will benefit from it tremendously! I strongly believe that the older we get, the more clean we MUST eat, to make up for all the crap we’ve ingested over our younger years. You definitely sound like an inspiration to many people around you and I hope that more people can learn from your healthy and active lifestyle. I wish you all the best and let me know when you get down to 10% body fat. Thanks for sharing!

  27. Thanks Bryan. By the way, you’re the one who’s the inspiration! We all benefit from your guidance. All the best!

  28. Hi,

    Great piece of informative writing – it really does leave no confusion!

    Just a quick question. I am currently 6ft and 10st 10lb and have been on a diet for the past month – nothing too restrictive in that I am on cutting down on complex carbs.An example of my day to day carb intake would be a sprinkling of bran on my fruit breakfast, rarely any for lunch, and a very small portion of pasta, potato, etc with my dinner.

    I have lost nearly 8lbs and have done so even eating a small piece of chocolate (Say, the size of my thumb) every morning. I can honestly say that I have never broken my diet to eat more than this but I would like to know if this small intake of fats and sugar is holding me back in the slightest to loose the final 5 pounds I want/need to shed?


  29. [...] Read this article if you want a bit of a more controversial view, and you can decide for yourself what you want to do to your body. [...]

  30. This is awesome information! I was deciding on whether I should go out and have one meal on my last free day off, but I didn’t want to lose progress. I know I have to be consious and not eat too much, but this article makes me feel much better because I’ve stuck with my original diet all this week and the whole day! So I know one meal won’t hurt. I don’t eat much when I go out anyway, but this just puts me at ease. Thanks!

  31. Hi Bryan Francis,

    I am Susanne and I am 19 years old (from The Netherlands). Since April I am eating clean without any meals that are actually ”cheatmeals”. My eating pattern consist of:
    Breakfast: fruit and greek yoghurt/low fat quark or yoghurt and oats
    Snack: green shake or some veggies
    Lunch: Salad with fish/chicken and greens
    Snack: green shake or some veggies
    Dinner: Salad with fish/chicken and greens

    Sometimes I add sweet potatoes or quinoa (1 time in a week) but most of all I prefer no high calorie carbs. So my calorie intake has been decreased since I am paying attention to what I am actually eating. This means avoiding processed foods, foods with loads of preservatives, foods with added sugar, and foods with high levels of bad fats. I lost 7 kg (It’s 15 lbs) in two and a halve months. I am 168 cm (I guess it’s 5.5 feet) and my weight now is 51 kg (it’s 112.2 lbs). Since a month I have been measuring myself and my body fat percentage, It went from 19.5% up to 12 %. (I have to admit stress also played a roll in this) I am still losing fat (no muscles thank god) but I think 15% is good enough. I don’t wanna lose more weight, so my question is: What do you suggest? I also think it’s better to increase my calorie intake but I don’t wanna gain more than 6.6 lbs. I think it’s really hard to find balance in my eating pattern. Do you have any tips? I want to thank you for the article, it’s a great one (even it’s a couple years old). I was doubting about cheatmeals, but I am also afraid that if you use cheatmeals or days, your body will adapt to it and you might eat more than you should when you are allowed to cheat! I think the main reason that we eat is to nourish ourself, to give us energy, not to eat everything at one moment because it’s a cheatday or so. But I also think you shouldn’t prohobit yourself from eating something you’r craving for, which is actually a ‘bad snack or meal’, but then again don’t make it a bad habit, then it’s okay!!

  32. I have cheat days twice a week. Saturday I go out and drink heavily, Sunday involves me sitting on the couch, wathcing TV, getting high and ordering a large dominos pizza to myself, then going into a carb comatose and pass out. I’m 6’0 204lbs 7% body fat. I’m usually 9% by Monday. lol. back down to 7 by Thursday. It’s called busting your ass everyday. Not everyone can get away with this but I’ll admit, once I hit my goal maintaining has been cake.. mmmmm. cake.

    Keep in mind, M-F is nothing but green veggies, chicken, fish, eggs, nuts and the occasional fruit. Protein intake is high. carbs and fat are very low (<50g/day). I do not supplement anything but protein, CLA and green tea extract. I bust my ass 2-3 hours in the gym M-F. My workouts average 1500-2500 calories. I encourage everyone to get to this point. Its an amazing feeling. Put in the work, pain, and mental suffering, become great and flexibility in your nutrition will follow.

    Be a super hero!

  33. P.S. I used to weight 315lbs, 42% body fat. I put in my blood sweat and tears years ago. Your turn.

  34. So what you are saying is dont have a cheatday but meal once a week?

  35. My cousin lost 140 pounds over the last 18 months on the 4HB nutrition plan with an entire no-holds-barred cheat day each week.

    I personally lost 40 pounds over 6 months, then gained 5 pounds of lean muscle over the last 2 months and I have an entire cheat day each week also. Currently licking Nutella off a spoon while waiting for Pizza Hut to get here.

    To each their own.

    Stay fit, my friend.

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