When we introduced our all-in-one PAGG stack to the market, we decided from the start to follow Tim Ferriss’s recommendations in the Four Hour Body closely – he and his testers had done the research, and identified empirically what protocols worked best. This included a recommendation to cycle the intake, taking one day off each week, and one week off after every two months.

Cycling is something you rarely see supplement companies recommend. From a purely financial perspective the last thing a company would want to see is their customers taking a break from using a product. To many people the idea of cycling itself seems counter-intuitive. If a supplement is working, why would you want to take a break from it?

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Though it’s not always obvious, many people who have great success in weight loss, or body recomposition have great partners who support them through the process.

This could be a workout buddy, a coworker who shares the same lunch as you, or a loved one at home.

Consider for a moment then, the difference between having these helpful people around in your life, as opposed to not having them, or even worse, having people who are actively trying to hold you back.

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If you’re following the slow carb diet, chances are you’re also pretty keen on weighing yourself, and hopefully measuring yourself too. They’re both good ways to gauge your progress, and get the reassurance we all want that your hard efforts all week are rewarding you, by changing your body composition.

If you have a week where you lose 2 lbs, or lose multiple inches, you might feel like you have a special reason to celebrate, but if you happen to not change on the scale, or ‘only’ lose 1 inch, you might not feel so great. So, why do we celebrate the results, and not celebrate the habits? Why don’t we take a look at the week, and decide to feel great based on our hard work?

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I don’t know about you, but with some warmer weather coming, I’m finding the appeal of beans to be diminishing. I don’t hate them, it’s just that I don’t look forward to having 4 big hearty, heavy meals every day when the sun’s shining, I feel like swimming and jogging, and life in general feels very relaxed.

So, I’ve decided to take a close look at those beans, and see what else can be done with them. Surely there’s some new ways of including them that don’t involve heating up the kitchen, the house and my stomach?

Summer Bean Meal 1: Slow Carb Chicken Black Bean Salad

This is a real favorite of mine, and is dead simple to prepare.

  1. Dice some fresh chicken breast, and cook in a pan until it’s completely cooked through. I prefer to use a half inch of water in the pan, rather than any oil. Once it’s done, I throw on some cajun spices, and cook for a minute or two longer so they really attach.
  2. Set the chicken aside to cool
  3. Prepare some romaine, iceberg or other favorite lettuce
  4. Grab some fresh baby spinach leaves
  5. Thinly slice some red bell pepper

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Slow Carb Diet and ColdWe talk so much about the healthy thing to do, and the healthy foods to eat, the healthy exercise to get, and the healthy ways of life that we all strive for, that writing a post about not feeling well seems a little counter-intuitive. But, when it comes to fat loss, and what can affect it, this is a huge factor that some people miss out on hearing about.

We might not instantly connect feeling unwell to changes in fat loss, but here are the major effects of sickness, as it can relate to fat loss:

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We’ve all heard of cheat meals and many of us incorporate them into our weekly eating plans.  But is there really a benefit to having 1,2, or even 3 cheat meals per week?  I’ll tell you the theory  behind cheat meals and how you can make them much more effective in helping you achieve your ultimate physique.

Ask any health conscious person why they incorporate cheat meals into their eating plan and you’re going to usually get 1 of 2 answers:

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Cheese and the Slow Carb DietHave you seen some great 4HB recipes online lately? There are lots of people experimenting with ingredients and finding great flavors. One of those ingredients that is showing up is cheese. Are you concerned about whether or not you can use your favorite cheese in a recipe? Find out more about cheese and how it can be used on the slow carb diet.

With its increase in popularity, the 4 Hour Body slow carb diet has definitely spread across North America, in many different forms. Lots of people are now eating bean and protein based diets, and finding great ways to make them taste fantastic. In its original form, the slow carb diet basically rules out cheese for all days but cheat day, but as more people have adopted it’s principles, more recipes are showing up online including some kinds of cheeses.

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Last weekend I had the opportunity to learn from one of the most intelligent fitness minds in the industry.  Aside from learning an abundant amount of information on advanced training techniques, the instructor, Peter Chiasson, made this statement that brings a tremendous amount of truth explaining why people attempt to exercise and diet: “People exercise because of FEAR!”

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Workout ScheduleIf you’re on the slow carb diet, or you’re getting going on one of the gym workouts, or home workout programs described in The Four Hour Body, chances are you’re thinking about exercise- when, how, what, etc. Let’s take a look at how to get that into your schedule, and make it easy to keep it up.

Step 1 – Calendar it

The key starting point to getting going with any kind of exercise is to look on a simple calendar at when it will work to include it in your regular schedule. Choose 2 or 3 days a week, print that calendar, paste it on the wall and write on it! I find printed calendars much more inspiring than Outlook reminders, or similar digital options. Seeing it as part of your physical world makes it more real.

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